About Us

Sometime around 2006, the leaders of several IT companies in Debrecen began to feel the need to familiarize themselves with the activities of other IT companies in the city. They wanted to coordinate discussions about the state and challenges of the IT market in Debrecen and organize conversations similar to business clubs. At that time, several targeted European Union programs were also promoting the formation of regional business circles and clusters. Despite initial skepticism and difficulties, something began - a loose connection among Debrecen's IT companies.

This connection has continued since then, evolving and developing over the past two decades. Not only have connections between companies strengthened, but personal and human relationships have also grown.

These meetings have already yielded numerous results related to the computer science education at the University of Debrecen and complemented it with other training tailored to market needs. Just to name a few examples, members have:

  • Participated in shaping the university curriculum to align with market demands,
  • Provided teaching capacities for theoretical and practical classes,
  • Organized training sessions in Java, JavaScript, or automated testing,
  • Presented their activities at Professional Days events,
  • Offered professional internship opportunities,
  • Organized meetup series.

Looking back over the past 15+ years, we have seen both active and quieter periods. Nevertheless, we are convinced that this work should continue in the future in a more organized and open format.

To ensure the long-term organized operation of our activities, the HTE Debrecen group was formed with the participation of 23 individuals and 14 IT companies. This group is an affiliate of the prestigious Hírközlési és Informatikai Tudományos Egyesület (Association for Telecommunications and Information Technology Sciences) with a history of 70 years in Hungary's information and communication technology sector.

In the coming period, organizing the professional community will be an important task involving market players, educators, students, and professionals. We would like to see as many IT professionals and companies in Debrecen join the association, and we can work together on:

  • Increasing the economic strength of Debrecen's IT companies,
  • Organizing the professional community life in Debrecen,
  • Enhancing cooperation between market players and the Debrecen University Faculty of Informatics.

Our goal is to have a sufficient number of well-trained IT professionals and a vibrant professional community in Debrecen. This will increase the competitiveness of Debrecen city and its IT companies and provide solutions to the challenges in the job market.

In this endeavor, we have received support from various entities, including the leadership of Debrecen City, EDC (the organization responsible for the economic development of Debrecen), the Debrecen University Faculty of Informatics, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Hajdú-Bihar County.