Our Goals

"To have a well-trained pool of IT professionals and a thriving professional community in Debrecen."

This is a goal that requires the commitment and active collaboration of many stakeholders. In addition to the IT companies in Debrecen, the following parties are involved:  

  • The high school student: the first and perhaps most important link, where the idea of pursuing something related to IT takes shape, and beside them stands the parent, who wishes to support their child in this endeavor. Fundamental questions arise, such as: what does it mean to work in the field of IT? What can I expect? What should I learn now to successfully overcome future obstacles? Members of the ITDebrecen association help to present a realistic image of the IT field, answering questions during homeroom sessions, parent-teacher meetings, facility visits, and summer camps.
  • The high school IT teacher: a good teacher can work wonders! They ignite interest, motivate, and impress students, becoming role models. Do teachers currently receive all the support they need for this? How can Debrecen IT companies better support high school teachers? Is there a connection between public education and higher education to collaborate? Members of the ITDebrecen association can assist in sharing market information, educational materials, and best practices, serving as a connecting bridge between stakeholders. It's important to establish a connection between public education and higher education institutions to work together effectively in supporting teachers and students in the field of IT. 
  • The university student: Some students maintain their interest and enter higher education, becoming college students. They enter a new environment and face new questions: what is the purpose of each subject, where will they need the skills that are currently posing challenges? Which specialization should they choose in the field of IT, how should they select a professional internship, what else should they learn beyond their classes? Members of the ITDebrecen association provide support, help navigate through the complexities, offer professional internship opportunities, and assist in developing educational materials that align with market demands.
  • The university instructor: as in any educational institution, 'a good teacher can work wonders! They ignite interest, motivate, and impress students, becoming role models.' An instructor's work progresses much better when motivated and interested students fill the classrooms, when they teach market-relevant knowledge and see the results of their efforts. In addition to their previous activities, members of the ITDebrecen association also help, for example, in announcing and providing consultation for thesis projects that align with real market demands.
  • IT professionals: there are an increasing number of individuals actively working in the field. They also require continuous professional networking and development, as they have chosen a profession where new things emerge daily. We can learn a lot from each other, knowing that there are others in the vicinity working in the same field. Members of the ITDebrecen association participate in organizing professional events and conferences, connecting members with industry experts.
  • Market players in Debrecen: these are the companies in Debrecen that are increasingly facing challenges due to digitization. Often, they turn to Budapest or international companies for solutions, even though local knowledge and capacity are readily available, and even superior. The ITDebrecen association helps connect local market players with local IT companies. 


In summary, what is the role of ITDebrecen in achieving its goals? Its primary role is to provide a bridge among local stakeholders and act as a catalyst to stimulate dialogue and collaboration. Workgroups are established to support various areas, and their members are dedicated to contributing to the development of those specific areas.