Members of ITDebrecen work on various tasks in working groups. The main mission of the IT Debrecen Student Work Group is to support IT career orientation in the city. To achieve this:
• We establish connections with organizations operating in this field.
• We visit high schools and inquire about the support they need.
• We provide opportunities for students to visit the member organizations of IT Debrecen.
• We promote businesses involved in IT education.
• We identify and participate in events where students and companies meet.
• If, as a result of all these efforts, students gain useful information about career opportunities in IT, then we are doing our job well.


2023. October
10/20/23 10:00 AM - 10/20/23 3:20 PM
2023. June
6/26/23 10:30 AM - 6/30/23 11:30 AM